Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Episcopal Church or The Evasive Church??

Philip Turner (eminent American theologian) is one sharp thinker. He puts the screws on a few folk in TEC with a series of questions about the recent ignoble publication of emails concerning a Communion Partners statement (noted in a post here a few days ago). Here are two questions:

"8. Given the frequently repeated objection that a diocese is in fact not free to sign onto the covenant even if The Episcopal Church refuses to do so, and given the fact that The Episcopal Church is defined in its Constitution as being in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, is the claim being made that a diocese that wishes to remain in communion with Canterbury even in circumstances where The Episcopal Church status has been compromised must simply submit to seriously impaired or broken communion?

9. To put the question another way, if The Episcopal Church were to refuse to sign the covenant and its status in relation to Canterbury and the other Provinces of the Communion were compromised, is it being suggested that dioceses that believe their Catholic character to have become questionable should not seek an uncompromised relationship?"

What can I do while I wait for answers?

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