Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changing seasons, challenging times

Thanks to two correspondents I have been alerted to two fascinating pieces.

One is by John Woodhouse, Principal of Moore College, Sydney, openly, honestly, and courageously fronting challenges the College faces, including criticism about it's "formula" (e.g. constrained to: residential, four year, full-time study), it's (alleged) lack of connectivity with Sydney's multi-cultural population, and with changing values among younger generations of Christian leaders.

The other is by Mark Galli, writing in Christianity Today, making a telling point that the keys to numerical growth of churches do not lie in a simple explanations such as "conservative theology, narrowly defined = growth". I will not spoil other things he has to say which are thought-provoking.

Between them the two pieces represent conservative Christianity reflecting in a profound way on change in society, culture, and church.

Not a case of 'read and enjoy' but 'read and reflect and, as the case may be, act'!

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