Monday, August 25, 2014

Electronic Eucharist

Yes, right here in NZ, this weekend past, at the Abbey (an ACANZP youth event).

Go Spanky!


Father Ron Smith said...

Not for me! A sad, sad day! And, why the yankee accent? does this make it real rock?

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
Surely you would appreciate 'when in Rome, do what the Romans do'?

When in the electronic age, do what the electronicians do :)

Father Ron Smith said...

The only beneficial link to this post, Peter (IMHO) would be to explore the linked video sermon given by Bishop John Gladwin (retired C.of E.) who expounds how out of touch the Church is with modern-day society.

The point he makes is a profoundly intellectual one - not involving a vocal gimmick, purporting to celebrate Christ among us.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Ron
Whatever we make of the Electronic Eucharist, it was part of a significant event in the life of our church, a gathering of some 200 people involved in youth work.

I want to commend The Abbey for its work in drawing together people who undoubtedly will one day constitute the senior lay and clerical leadership of our church.

I also note that a number of our bishops were present at the event - I even see our own bishop present at the eucharist! I comment them all for their commitment to the work of youth leadership and development in ACANZP.

Pageantmaster said...

Go into all the world and rap the gospel to all creation>

What fun - wish I could have been there.

One has to start somewhere. Well done Rev Spanky.

Father Ron Smith said...

Well, Peter, if this is an expression of Abbey worship, it really does need a priest with a voice that can be understood - with clear diction and a musical tone.

Perhaps a cowboy hat and chaps should have been the required dress for this hoe-down. (By the way, was it wine or grape-juice?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

I would have enjoyed participating in that celebration - even though I think it could do with a bit more guitar!

Perhaps the use of a smoke machine would have made the more high-church among us feel more at home.


Jean said...

I think he has a great voice!

Fr Ron it's a national youth event... you know where young people do things that mix with their current culture... no different from saying the mass in Latin.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Ron, broaden your mind a bit!

Electronica is not my thing either, but really, how is it different from plainsong chant?????

And of course weirdness is in the eye of the beholder. For many young people today (most?), the weirdest thing about this video would be the clothing of the celebrant!!!


Joshua Bovis said...

Wow, first time ever!!!

I agree with Ron!

hogsters said...

Re Ron: Not for me! A sad, sad day! And, why the yankee accent? does this make it real rock?

Ron whats so sad about sometime trying to make the Eucharist relevant for a different generation from your own?

I'm mindful of the fact that it was always the religious ones who whinged she Jesus upset the religious norms of the day. Spanky is in good company really.

And by the way, its more gentle electro rap than rock. If you are going to decry something, do your homework.

Father Ron Smith said...

For relief from the Rap, here is an invitation to St. Michael & All Angels tomorrow night (Wed.) at 7pm

Festal Evensong, to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of John Robert Godley's Birth

Choirs of Christchurch Cathedral, Christ's College & St. Michael's.
Feast of traditional Church Music

Simon said...

It's hardly NOS Planetary Mass is it? Quite tame - all very 1990s alt.worship, I thought. But then the 90s fashions are back in with our youth, so why not a retro 1990s 'electronic' Great Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Simon! After all, we did 'folk masses' back in the late 60s and early 70s, complete with twelve string guitars and Arran sweaters!