Thursday, September 18, 2014

After Saturday the lunatics could be in charge of the (bad pun coming up) asylum


Since I posted earlier this morning, more  and more evidence of the spirit of lunacy descending upon our great nation keeps rolling in.

First there is this mad interview with Winston Peters on Morning Report. Give Guyon Espiner a DB!

Secondly there is the news that the Conservative Party's press secretary has quit two days out from the election. She seems to think her former boss is 'manipulative.'

There is a reason someone invented the phrase 'lunatic fringe' ...

Our election is the farce-iest one I can ever recall. (Memory fairly strong back to 1975 - the year of the worst attack ad in NZ history!)

In these last days before the apocalypse I observe to you the following ...

The godlessness or polytheistic-ness of most of our party leaders: this intriguing NZ Herald article offers a series of video clips re party political leaders answers to a variety of questions. The first of which is the 'God' question. (Warning: video here may be shocking to American readers!!)

Only two leaders profess to faith in the Christian God. One of them is a proud Anglican (and son of a vicar): GO DAVID! Full marks to David Cunliffe, leader of the Labour Party for fronting up to the question and owning his upbringing!

A sobering article about the possible infiltration of the NSA into NZ iLife explains (IMHO) how both Edward Snowden can be right about electronic surveillance here and the possibility of two NSA bases (specifically in Auckland and north of Auckland) and John Key can be right that our GCSB is not mass surveying our comms and that he has no knowledge of NSA bases here.

(The last part of the article loses the plot re abuse of intelligence: only paranoia fuels that kind of thinking. NZ deserves better of its journalists and our top political leaders, Labour or National, need some trust from us.

To draw the attention of the NSA to the importance of Anglican Down Under in fermenting global revolution I print these two words: PALANTIR INTERNATIONAL. We are onto you guys!)

Incidentally, speaking of the torrent of revelations pouring into NZ life this week courtesy of the holy/unholy trinity of Greenwald, Snowden and Assange, you would be forgiven for thinking that the following words are drawn from an article about NZ: "the most amazing information warfare blitzkrieg we have ever seen in the history of information warfare." No, wait, that's drawn from an article about Snowden's BFF as he rewrites the history of Ukraine!

What we should be talking about this week which has been hijacked by Dotcon's obsession with bringing down the government so he can usher in a government which will prevent his extradition to the USA is the plight of the poor in NZ. Unfortunately the leftwing have lost sight of the proper goal of the left which is to find ways and means to create a fair society. In the sight of all of us should be matters such as access to affordable housing. Well, I have a solution to the crisis of rapidly rising house prices (among the least affordable in the West): ban helicopters.

(PS Does the Russian family know how much it rains in Picton?)

Back to Edward Snowden. Whether we think him a saint because he blew the whistle on US secrets or a sinner because he vowed not to blow the whistle and went ahead and did it anyway (possibly recklessly at the cost of agents' lives), to give him asylum is an incredibly nutjob thing to do if you wish to remain a friend of the USA.

But don't worry, Dotcon is onto it. If his party forms part of the support of a leftwing government after Saturday he will be pressuring it to offer NZ as an asylum for Snowden. Cue my heading for today's post.

Overseas readers may not understand that all of the above is driving voters to consider the Winston First Party. Winston Peters has had more political resurrections than Lazarus and the widow of Nain's son added together! His smile these days is wider than the cat which ate the cream. To think that he could hold our country to ransom for six weeks while he makes up his mind whom he will crown as PM ...

Remember the great prophet Shakespeare foresaw this day in the Antipodes: those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad!

Postscripted clarity: There are prospective coalitions, leftwards and rightwards, which will not involve 'lunatics running the asylum' scenarios. I respect both David Cunliffe and John Key as prospective Prime Ministers of our excellent country. It is the fringes of possible coalitions they might end up forming which concern me.


Pageantmaster said...

You think you have problems Peter+? Supposing the North Island were to decide to float off from the South Island?

We will find out in a day or so if this is what has happened in the British Isles.

Peter Carrell said...

And what would be wrong with that?

Good riddance we hardworking, gumboot wearing tea drinking Mainland farm labourers say to those latte sipping effete city slickers (most of the North Island lives in Auckland) who wouldn't know the difference between a spade and a shovel.

PS There is also a warm, Christian theological response which has momentarily escaped my mind ... :)