Monday, September 8, 2014

Sacred, spiritual and sermonic links - Monday 8 September 2014

A variety of talks and articles available and I hope all is well and prayers for the coming week

1. The Bells of St. Nicholas, Newbury in Berkshire - BBC Radio 4

2. Choral Evensong from St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh during the Charles Wood Festival of Music and Summer School - BBC Radio 3

3. Sunday Holy Communion livestreamed from St Helena's Church, Beaufort, South Carolina at 10:15 am Eastern Time, 3:15 pm London Time

4. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2

5. Archived choral services from the chapels of King's College Cambridge
and St John's College, Cambridge

6. The Splendour of the King [Psalm 72] - Andrew Wingfield Digby - St Andrew's Oxford Audio

7. Simply Jesus - Bishop Tom Wright - Willow Creek Audio in 2011

Please pray for Christians and all facing persecution and crime in Iraq and Nigeria; for the persecuted church in the Middle East; for peace in Ukraine, Israel and Gaza; for wisdom in dealing with the Ebola outbreak in Africa and for the Diocese of South Carolina.

8. Iraq Region:
New evidence of 'ethnic cleansing' by IS in Iraq - Christian Today
Request for Prayer from Canon Andrew White
Interview with Canon Andrew White – BBC
more Media Reports from FRRME

9. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Prayers against Ebola - Lent and Beyond
Nigeria: Boko Haram seize churches in Nigeria as Minister for Africa condemns 'brutal and inhumane' crimes - Christian Today
Iran: Christian converts continue to be charged with capital offences – CSW
Pastor Irani faces 18 new charges – CSW
Iran house church raided by officials; two Christian converts arrested - Christianity Today
South Carolina: Bishop Lawrence Calls for Fasting and Praying for the Persecuted Church September 14-15

10. Sunday Programme - current affairs with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

11. Food for thought
Getting Better at Meditation - Tim Challies
Bonhoffer's Teaching on Preaching - R&L Read
InterVarsity "Derecognized" at California State University's 23 Campuses: Some Analysis and Reflections - Ed Stetzer - Christianity Today
The Solomon Islanders who saved JFK – BBC

12. Preaching - John Woodhouse - St Helen's Vimeo

13. Magnificent Kindness - Sam Bailey

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