Friday, September 19, 2014

Your kingdom come ... in Britain/Scotland ... Aotearoa NZ ... Australia ... Fiji

My next instalment of Chloe's fluffy pink slippers can be delayed till next week, not least because it is not yet completed!

In any case there is something more important to do today and that is to pray.

I love the brevity of the most powerful prayer we ever pray, Your kingdom come!

That must be our prayer everyday but it is especially the case today as we here in NZ close in on our 2014 election, as voting is completed in the referendum in Scotland and as Australia faces the reality of let's behead random strangers terrorism within its own cities.

Of course that prayer is, so to speak, even more fervently to be prayed in places such as Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, South Sudan and Nigeria.

We can pray, incidentally, with thanksgiving as we cast an eye on the election just concluded in Fiji. The people there have spoken decisively in favour of a way forward which (as far as I can tell) is much better for all Fijian citizens than previous ways.

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