Thursday, September 4, 2014

It looks like we have ++Justin just in time

Two good reads about the work of ++Justin Welby as Archbishop of Canterbury.

First, he has used his office to call together Christian leaders from the Middle East. Read Lambeth's press release here. (It is at best ironic that the Coptic Orthodox Church UK's version, here, is in black and white). If the office of ABC means anything, surely it is this kind of ecumenical work when one patriarchate works with other patriarchates ...*

Secondly, Psephizo offers a resume of Andrew Atherstone's biography of ++Justin, Risk-taker and Reconciler, under the heading, What kind of leader is Justin Welby.

*OK, I am going to be perverse and ask, When is the next meeting of Anglican primates?

POSTSCRIPT Are you over 20 and under the age of 35? ++Justin has a job for you to do! Be sure to invest in some kneepads.


Ian Paul said...

Thanks for the mention. I think his comment about the situation in the Middle East was profound--great to see him locating it theological with a verse from Revelation (1.9)

Jean said...

Perhaps after he has finished visiting all the different regions?

Peter Carrell said...

I'll make that a 'Yes!' to you Ian, and a 'Yes, that seems likely' to you Jean.

Andrew Reid said...

I have been very encouraged by both the Archbishop's action with Middle Eastern church leaders and also the CofE's advocacy towards the UK government. He has a real concern for the non-Western parts of the Communion that means a great deal to us who live there.

On the Primates Meeting, the Global South requested him to hold one in 2015 (point 4a in link below). Doesn't mean he will do it, but now he has met all the primates personally, perhaps that is the next step? The ABC attended that meeting personally for a short while, so it's not just an ambit claim.

Father Ron Smith said...

re Andrew's comment: I guess that the ABC has to be 'Mr Nice Guy on his first time around. It may not be until he had settled after meeting all the Primates (who will receive him) that he will properly be able to assess their true intentions towards koinonia in the Communion. At least he has experience of the G.S. environment, upon which he can make his own mind up.

Regarding his statement about the Middle-East situation, he probably understands - better than most Anglican Primates - the importance of oil to everyone in the area. He has actually worked with it. It's amazing how politics, and even religion, can be profoundly affected by where oil is located. The situation will need more Oil of Unction to heal this problem.