Monday, September 1, 2014

Links - Monday 1 September 2014

A variety of talks and articles available and I hope all is well and prayers for the coming week

1. The bells of Coventry Cathedral

2. Choral Evensong from Chapel of Cheltenham College with the fourth of this year's Eton Choral Courses - BBC Radio 3

3. Sunday Holy Communion livestreamed from St Helena's Church, Beaufort, South Carolina at 10:15 am Eastern Time, 3:15 pm London Time

4. Sunday Worship from  Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast - BBC Radio 4

5. Sunday Hour - BBC Radio 2

6. Archived choral services from the chapels of King's College Cambridge
and St John's College, Cambridge

7. Education - Hugh Palmer - All Souls Langham Place Audio [Proverbs 4:1-9]

8. Parts 4 to 6 of The Sons of Zebedee: Two Galilean Fishermen - talks by Professor Richard Bauckham at the University of Otago
Part 4: Called to Fish for People - Video [mp4]
and audio [mp3]
Part 5: Sons of Thunder - Video [mp4]
and audio [mp3]
Part 6: Jerusalem - Video [mp4]
and audio [mp3]

9. Miracles: Is Belief in the Supernatural Irrational? - Professor John Lennox - Veritas Forum Video

10. Another Road, Another Chance - Billy Graham in 1992 [starts 20 minutes in]

Please pray for Christians and all facing persecution and crime in Iraq and Nigeria; for the persecuted church in the Middle East; for peace in Ukraine, Israel and Gaza; for wisdom in dealing with the Ebola outbreak in Africa and for the Diocese of South Carolina.

11. Iraq Region: Update from Canon Andrew White
more Media Reports from FRRME
How Long O Lord - a prayer for those in danger in the Middle East

12. Nigeria: Boko Haram beheaded six-year-old Christian boy, group reports - Christian Today
Report from Bishop Dogo of Kafanchan
‘Future of Church in NE Nigeria also threatened’ says Chibok leader – WWM
Australian comment – ABC

13. Topical Prayers - Church of England
Prayers against Ebola - Lent and Beyond
Prayers for South Carolina - Lent and Beyond

14. Sunday Programme - current affairs with Edward Stourton - BBC Radio 4

15. Food for thought
Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden - The King's English
A Student in Arms: Lessons from one Christian who died in the Somme - Mark Woods
Analysis: The Challenge of Responding to Jihadi Islam - John Azumah - Lapido Media
12 Amazing Virtual Tours of the World’s Most Spectacular Churches – ChurchPop

16. Iraq - the Beautiful Home - Sat 7 video

17. Mario's prayer for Iraq and Arab countries - Sat 7 Video

18. In Christ Alone - All Souls Orchestra

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