Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Duty to Die? Find out on 1 April 2017

Dean Lawrence Kimberley and I are working on a seminar on Euthanasia on Saturday 1 April at the Transitional Cathedral, Hereford Street, Christchurch. You are most welcome!

Taonga has a promotional article about the event here.

Is Euthanasia about A Duty to Die? Or, as has been pointed out to me this week, A Duty to Live?


Andrei said...

The next great battle against the forces of darkness is this one

And those of us with clarity of vision we can see where this will lead in a society that is aging and ever increasing health care costs for the elderly while the size of the productive cohorts in our society are declining

Malcolm said...

Hi Peter,

Difficult for medical professionals who are committed to the principle of "do no harm", to weigh that against the modern idea of a right to die? Will doctors in the future have a "Duty to Kill"?

Another point. Is it fully human to want to die, or is it a result of other causes that diminished our humanity in some way? Jesus did not want to die—even in the garden the night before he died. That actually makes him fully human. He was obedient unto death, sure, but he was not dutiful!


Jean said...

kiwis say no to euthanasia