Saturday, March 18, 2017

Troubling reading

This Atlantic article entitled "America's Empty Church Problem" and "Breaking Faith" is sobering, highlighting both a turn in the fortunes of the West's Christian "powerhouse" in terms of Christianity's popularity within a great nation as well as consequences for "identity" and Trumpian politics.

It is quite a long read, but, hey, its Saturday ...

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Andrei said...

Why are "Trumpian politics" a consequence of Western Godlessness?

When the litmus tests for the other party is abortion on demand as well the subject currently under moratorium, both abominations why look to the "right" as a symptom of the West's abandonment of Christianity?

Try not to kid yourself the the Evil Empire led by the USA is not at war with God and his Church

It is not accident that when the Empire needed to destroy Yugoslavia it was the Orthodox Serbs who were cast in the role as villains nor that Orthodox churches, some centuries old lie in ruins in NATO occupied territories of the Balkans, some destroyed under the watchful gaze of NATO "peacekeepers".

It is not accident that whatever the USA has touched in the past 25 years the first victims have always been the local Christian communities which have been decimated wherever the USA has intervened

And of course it is Russia, where Lesbians are not ordained as "bishops" and churches are being built not closing their doors that is considered the biggest threat with NATO building up its forces on her borders as we speak to contain "Russian aggression" which is laughable considering the death toll under the USA's illegal and immoral wars across the globe