Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New bishops for our church

Unusually on Saturday, perhaps even a first ever for our church, we both consecrated a new bishop and nominated a person to become a new bishop.*

The consecration was of Don Tamihere and there is an excellent story with great photos here.

At the same time in Wellington their synod met to nominate a person to be an assistant bishop for Wellington. Assuming our bishops have agreed the confirm the nomination, the name now circulates among members of General Synod for their approval. We should know the nominee has become the elected assistant bishop sometime in the next few weeks.

*Clearly it is desirable if possible to have consecrations when all bishops can gather for the occasion so it is, presumably, one of those difficult to co-ordinate diary things that meant the Bishop of Wellington was tied to his synod when other bishops were consecrating in the East Cape!

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