Sunday, March 19, 2017

Welby's John XXIII moment at Lambeth 2020? (A)

Let's join two notes together.

One is this report of the Lambeth Design Group meeting to plan Lambeth 2018 2020 [H/T R Smith]. The other is a suggestion from a commenter here.

The combo goes like this: what if Anglicans had a conference the equivalent of the one Pope John XXIII called, known now as Vatican 2, which discussed a range of topics?

(Except the You Know What topic which is consuming energy, time and affectionate bonds. Also out of bounds here during Lent 2017.)

Yes, even better could be a Pan Protestant Conference which offers a Protestant aggiornamento (you may need to look that word up! But it is a vital word for gospel minded people today.)

What topics, you ask?

The topics, except That Topic, which involve our Anglican Communion response to the post-modern world.

Topics whose discussion involve strengthening the Anglican Communion.

The Communion, let us never forget, which many Anglicans prior to our current woes thought the ace means of representing the best of "church" in the world: an interdependent communion of churches, not tied to a hierarchy like Rome, better bound together than the Eastern Orthodox churches, faithful to God's Being in Communion. A potent model for fissiparous Protestant churches to consider following. Worth strengthening!

I will develop thoughts on these topics further tomorrow. But suffice for today to say that I continue to be overwhelmed by the state of the world and underwhelmed by many (sincere, intentional, hard working) efforts to relate the gospel of Christ to that state.

Need, meet solution? Itch, meet scratch?

More tomorrow ...


Anonymous said...

"[At the Second Vatican Council], *Aggiornamentos* were seen as looking to the future in a post-Tridentine Church, while proponents of *ressourcement* looked back to the church before Trent for a simpler liturgy and less Rome-orientated leadership style. Neither was satisfied with the Church as it stood immediately before the Council. Both however sought inspiration for the expected new style of the post-conciliar church in different eras." --adapted from Aggiornamento, Wikipedia.

Bowman Walton

Bryden Black said...

Try this entire discussion Peter for ways forward in engaging the world: