Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Lenten Fast and a Lenten Intention

Andrei suggested in a comment here yesterday that we might have a Lenten fast from commenting on You Know What. I like that idea. I will not post further on SSB/SSM/Etc until after Easter and I ask you not to comment on such matters when commenting on posts here on other matters.

But to match that particular fast I have decided to have a Lenten intention, to post everyday through Lent. Currently I am working on generally posting only two or three times a week. But for Lent I shall try to bring something to the blog each day. Most likely it will not be long.It may only be a verse from Scripture relevant to our journey to the cross. It may relate to matters and events occurring within this particular Lent (coming up for me, e.g., is a study course on ecclesiology and a seminar day on Euthanasia).


Andrei said...

I saw a few stories about ministers in the USA taking to the streets and other public places such as railway station platforms to anoint passers by with ashes for ash Wednesday - this is a Latin thing BTW but a fine tradition

I am of two minds over this, firstly I think it is great to bring the Church into the street in this way and remind people of the life of the Church which they may have forgotten

On the other hand - I saw pictures of people being anointed with earphones in their ears etc which does not seem to be taking the penitential nature of this act very seriously

And in some cases this tradition had been modified to advance a particular cause and make a political point - of which we will say no more

Anonymous said...

Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama--

Bowman Walton