Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back from Totaranui

The school camp I was at these past non-posting days was held at Totaranui, one of the most beautiful places in NZ, even by NZ's very high standards. Its a perfect half crescent golden sand beach with bush and verdant pastures near at hand, the pastures available for camping and not for animals, save for sandflies and mosquitoes. Here's a pic:

Here's another, not of Totaranui - but of a similar beach, Anapai, not far away to the north:

That photo was taken on a walk to Separation Point (between Tasman Bay and Golden Bay) which got me thinking unexpectedly about the Anglican Communion (smile) , as well as the place of Christianity within Western culture!

Speaking of separating - the sheep from the goats and all that - Jack Spong's razor sharp axe-pen is at work in judgment upon many of us, as both Ruth Gledhill and BabyBlue report. There are some advantages to being beyond the Spongian pale with Rowan Williams and others. A higher level of discourse and a sounder grasp of the principles of free speech, for instance.

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