Thursday, October 1, 2009

Covenant critics covet uncovenanted Communion

Back from off-line leisure to find the Covenant is twisting and turning on choppy waters. "Lord, save us"! Mark Harris points us in two important directions.

(1) The ABC confirms that Dioceses may endorse the Covenant but only Provinces may formally adopt it. Check here.

(2) Bruce Kaye, Editor of the Journal of Anglican Studies, leading Anglican thinking, fellow Anglican down under (resident across the Tasman from me), has come out against the Covenant. Read here.

I will post further when I have read the article. UPDATE: The article promises a more detailed future exposition which I shall look forward to. In my own comments on the article, in summary, I raise the question what, if the Covenant is a "bad idea for Anglicans", are the better alternatives? The point about the Covenant is not whether it is the perfect solution, even the "Anglican" solution to our present difficulties, but whether it is the best solution!

Incidentally Bruce Kaye has posted this article on a newly noticed blog he has started, called World Anglicanism Forum. I shall add it to my bloglist!

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