Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No, really, Hans, feel free to speak frankly

Hans Kung, speaks, one German to another, to the Pope and his minions about the offer to Anglicans. Reading Kung, and knowing the Pope's nickname, I am having trouble working our who is the rottweiler! Here's a sample of the Kungian bark:

"Since the Second Vatican Council in the 60s, many episcopal conferences, pastors and believers have been calling for the abolition of the medieval prohibition of marriage for priests, a prohibition which, in the last few decades, has deprived almost half of our parishes of their own pastor. Time and again, the reformers have run into Ratzinger's stubborn, uncomprehending intransigence. And now these Catholic priests are expected to tolerate married, convert priests alongside themselves. When they want themselves to marry, should they first turn Anglican, and then return to the church?"

Read it all here.

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Ecclesia said...

"Anglican priests and bishops shall be allowed to retain their standing, even when married." Wrong
"Can it be that those caught in the Roman dragnet do not see that they will never be more than second-class priests in the Roman church, that other Catholics are not meant to take part in their liturgical celebrations?" Wrong
"It is already suffering from the consequences of the heedless and unnecessary election of an avowed gay priest as bishop in the US, an event that split his own diocese" Wrong