Monday, October 26, 2009

What, if anything, has all this to do with Jesus?

I wonder what Jesus thinks about the shenanigans in world Christianity these days?

From Anglican activists supporting the death penalty for homosexuals in Uganda to Peter's successor forbidding his priests to marry (despite Peter himself having a mother-in-law) while welcoming into his fold married ex Anglican priests to be ordained as (married) Roman priests. From people dividing the church up into sides 'the alliance of woman hating, gay hating conservatives' or the 'uber liberal pan-sexualists' to the general internet habit of mocking one another (See these Christians on the internet, how they mock one another!).

Is there nothing we hold in common as people bearing the name of Christ? Is there no part of 'love one another' which applies when Christians disagree? Why are there so many strict unbreakable rules in some churches, when Christ our Lord made it his mission to challenge religious rules and their imposition?

Is there something about the heart of the gospel which our hearts do not understand?


Gene said...

Perhaps, like Bartimaeus in yesterday's gospel, we need our "sight" restored but have forgotten how to ask?

Peter Carrell said...