Sunday, October 11, 2009


Both Preludium and Thinking Anglicans draw attention to a published talk by +Peter Selby, now retired bishop in the C of E. It can be found here. It is a thoughtful argument against the Covenant, and includes critique of Archbishop Rowan's arguments in favour of the Covenant. I find it to be convincing in its arguments for the human dignity of all Anglicans being well treated. I also agree that the process we are engaged in is about a conversation which needs keeping alive rather than being shut down. What I am less sure about is that in a globalized world (e.g. instant internet news transfer across member churches of the Communion), how the Communion has worked out its differences in the past is a reliable indicator of how we should operate in the present and in the future. Any thoughts?

Please note that I am shortly about to embark on a mystical journey to the third heaven (i.e. go on a school camp to an impossibly beautiful beach and bush reserve called Totaranui) sans laptop, so all comments after departure will be moderated on return!

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