Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swimming pool being built beside the Tiber

There will be no need to swim across the Tiber for Anglicans unhappy with current controversies. Instead the Pope is offering to build a swimming pool at the side of the river for Anglicans to be in communion with Rome while using (approved) Anglican liturgies, remaining married, etc.

Ruth Gledhill writes here, with links, and includes ++Rowan's hasty response, having been caught in the headlights of Benedict's speeding Mercedes.

We had better see what Damien Thompson's overflowing joy looks like here (so overflowing he has multi-posts on the matter).

(Later) Bosco Peters on Liturgy raises some very good questions about this proposal. I have a few myself. Here is the main question: to which Anglicans is this proposal aimed? To all who are interested, whether ones and twos scattered here and there? Or, to a sizeable group of Anglo-Catholics in England and the USA?

Mark Harris offers a telling critique of the pope's action, pointing out that he is not the master at the table to be offering us crumbs!

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