Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Kiwi blog noticed

Responding to the announcement below of a new Kiwi Anglican-oriented blog, a commenter has alerted me to a Kiwi Christian blog on which a number of Anglicans post. This is 'the kiwifruit blog' and its focus is on gospel-centred ministry. As it is wider in interest than Anglicanism and the Anglican Communion I will link to it on my sidebar 'Wider World.'

I note that most of the Anglican voices on this blog reside in the Diocese of Christchurch, whence comes the Kiwianglo's blog, as well as the most widely read of all Anglican-based blogs, Liturgy. Obviously, world Christian blog leaders, movers and shakers in Christian thought in the e-age are generated by the fair climate and magnificent milieu of Canterbury ... did I mention how good we are at rugby? Almost as good, by the way, as we are at modesty and humility!

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