Saturday, November 13, 2010

Better than one might suppose

Stats for TEC, 2008/2009 out (H/T Titus One Nine). Table here. A bit of loss but less than one might think reading some naysayers?


Kurt said...

Where are the stats for the New Zealand Church, Peter? Do you have any idea of what they are?

Kurt Hill
Enjoying the colorful fall foliage
In Brooklyn, NY

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Kurt,
We do not publish our stats because we do not count them comprehensively across the three tikanga of our church.

Pakeha dioceses have a strong tradition of annually publishing the attendance stats for their parishes and schools, but these are not collected in tabulated form for the seven dioceses as one tikanga.

Every five years we have a census and this gives a determination of people who consider themselves Anglican (and because there is cultural and format-of-the-form encouragement to declare being of no faith etc, I think our 'census Anglican' figure is a reasonable equivalent to 'membership' ... its around 500,000).

My guesstimate of weekly attendance is 35,000 - 40,000. Quite a bit lower than TEC's ASA!

A final note: I do not think any Anglican thinking about these things here would presume that if the stats were collected well, we would find a steady increase in ASA through these years. Probably a modest decline year to year ...