Friday, November 12, 2010

More chance of Scotland beating the All Blacks than ++Rowan winning this one

The All Blacks are on tour in Britain as we speak, gearing up to play Scotland on Sunday morning (NZ time). Scotland have never beaten the All Blacks in nearly 100 years of games, though they have managed two draws, but only in years ending in '3' (1963 and 1983). Right now Scotland's playing record is not the best and the chances of them beating the All Blacks are less than zero. Another sort of game is being played out in the upper echelons of the Anglican Communion the goal of which is to get through the planned January 2011 Primates' Meeting with the Communion at least as intact after the meeting as before it. As with rugby, various manouvres are being carried out in the attempt to secure a win. George Conger, ace Anglican journo, lays these out in this report which I repeat in full from his site (as also published in the CEN. H/to Episcopal Cafe):

'First published in The Church of England Newspaper.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has proposed suspending the Primates Meeting—the fourth ‘instrument of unity’ in the Anglican Communion—in favour of holding multiple small group gatherings of like minded archbishops.

In a letter to the primates dated Oct 7, Dr. Rowan Williams suggested that given the “number of difficult conversations” and the threat of a boycott of its meetings, a regime of separate but equal facilitated small groups sessions might better serve the primates’ “diverse” perspectives and forestall the substantial “damage” to the communion a full-fledged boycott would entail.

Dr. Williams also called for a reform of the structure of the meetings, suggesting that an elected standing committee be created and the powers and responsibility of the meeting of the communion’s 38 archbishops, presiding bishops and moderators be delineated.

Lambeth Palace did not respond to a request for clarification about the Oct 7 letter, while a spokesman for the Anglican Consultative Council said it could not address the question of a potential boycott as “the content of correspondence between the Primates and the Archbishop of Canterbury is private.”

On Oct 24 Canadian Archbishop Fred Hiltz warned a joint meeting of the Canadian Anglican and Lutheran House of Bishops of the boycott threat. “There is a lot of tension within the group,” he said, as some primates were “unwilling to come to the table with everyone present.”

The Anglican Journal reported that Archbishop Hiltz believed Dr. Williams “might try to deal with this problem by arranging prior meetings of smaller groups of like-minded primates.”

The African primates attending the All African Bishops meeting in Entebbe on Aug 24 told Dr. Williams they would not attend future primates meeting if US Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and Archbishop Hiltz were there. The African primates voiced their concern over unilateral actions taken by the North American churches and also upbraided Dr. Williams for what they saw as his pusillanimity in responding to the ensuing crisis of doctrine and discipline.

The Archbishop of Canterbury answered his critics in Entebbe by stating he did not have the authority to withhold invitations, CEN was told by those present at the meeting. However, a formal boycott of the meeting has not been announced by the African primates, as further consultations with the Gafcon coalition and other like minded primates are scheduled.

The following month, Dr. Williams published notice that the next primates meeting would take place from Jan 25 to 31, 2011 at the Emmaus Retreat & Conference Centre in Dublin. On Sept 21 Bishop Jefferts Schori stated she had received notice of the meeting, and was planning on attending.

Subsequent meetings of the GAFCON primates in Oxford in October and a second meeting of the CAPA primates on Nov 8-9 in Nairobi have yielded a common resolve to oppose the North American block, but a common tactical response to the threat has yet to be decided, sources tell CEN. Suggestions under consideration range from a boycott of the Dublin meeting, the convening of a rival primates meeting, the withdrawal of the Global South from all pan-Anglican gatherings for a season, or accommodating Dr. Williams and his pleas for restraint one more time.

What was certain, one primate told CEN, was the resolve of the Global South/Gafcon/CAPA coalition not to walk away from the Communion, but seek its reform and renewal.

Established in 1978 by Archbishop Donald Coggan as an opportunity for selected primates to meet for “leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation,” the primates meeting has grown haphazardly in recent years. The heads of the communion’s 38 provinces are currently invited to participate in the gathering, while Dr. Williams has added the Archbishop of York to the meeting’s current roster. The two-diocese Church of Bangladesh’s senior bishop attends the gathering, but not the senior bishop of the two-diocese Church of Ceylon.

The meeting has traditionally elected a standing committee from regional blocks: the Americas, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and East Asia, with the Archbishop of Canterbury as its chairman. The five regional members also serve on the newly formed standing committee with members from the Anglican Consultative Council. The primate from the European block drawn from the Church in Wales, the Church of Ireland or the Scottish Episcopal Church has the same standing as the member for Africa, even though the African churches is over 50 times larger.

The appointment of the Archbishop of York to the meeting’s membership and the structural inequality of the regional blocks have prompted criticism from within the meeting, while its attempts at exercising authority over the wider communion have been attacked from without.'

Will some reform of the Primates Meeting prove a winner? Can anything work here so that every primate turns up AND every primate is happy? Small groups may enable the primates to come to the same convention centre, but the eyes of the Communion will be on the point in which the Meeting meets around the Lord's Table in eucharistic fellowship. Will there be one communion service or many? This 'game' will not be won if there are multiple communion services at the Primates' Meeting!


Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Isn't the Covenant meant to be supply the answer to this sort of deadlock? If not, why not? Don't Africans believe in it either?

Brother David said...

Mr Conger continues to promote the falsehood, otherwise known among intelligent folk as a lie, that the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion is a new body. It is not. It has existed for quite some time. It has a new name. Nothing more.

It was formerly know as the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates Meeting and the Anglican Consultative Council. And the second after its name was officially changed it still consisted of the same members who were its members the second before the official name change.

I think that suggesting small meetings lends to promoting a false premise; that there are multiple factions who presently make up the AC. That is another falsehood. There are two factions; those opposed to the two northern most North American provinces and those who are not opposed to them. Granted, the second group may be further distinguished perhaps as consisting of provinces who see themselves as the allies of TEC and ACCanada, and those provinces for whom TEC's and ACCanada's stand of solidarity with their GLBTQ brothers and sisters are not a communion breaker.

I think that it is time to stop playing the games and lets all see whom it is exactly who make up those two groups.

Which meeting would the ACANZP attend? My money would be on the second group.

WannabeAnglican said...

The GAFCON Primates will NOT share communion with Schori. There is no question about that.

Brother David said...

Has my comment to Wannabe been lost in the nethersphere, or am I being censored?

Peter Carrell said...

It may have been lost, David, because I do not recall seeing it. I shall doublecheck I did not accidentally delete it. If nothing appears a few minutes after this is posted then assume it is lost.