Saturday, November 13, 2010

Perfect Day

The sky is blue and the day is good for many things, but not posting prolificly! Must dash to Sister Eveleen Retreat House for a meeting. Those familiar with SERH will know that a blue sky day there means being overwhelmed by the extraordinary beauty of the place from which sea, mountains, beaches with ever shifting sands and rolling waves are seen in one vista. It's tough, but someone has to do it! Then back to the inner city for a wedding. Could be a corker day for a wedding, and a challenge for a priest sweating under an alb! I am sharing in the service with a Baptist pastor who will have the advantage of dressing more simply and lightly :) It's already 15 degrees C and predicted to reach 27 degrees.

Meantime quite a bit of comment wending its way round the Communion - check out some blogs on the sidebar - as the Primates' Meeting holds the prospect of yet another twist in the ever turning ways the Communion travels along under ++Rowan's guidance.


Brother David said...

Hey, tell me about it when you have three months of 40°C!

Otherwise, enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed the wedding!

OT here, but have you seen the link on John Richardson's blog 'The Ugley Vicar' of talks given by Professor Glyn Harrison of Bristol University, England, which presents first class material from a psychiatrist and evangelical Christian on the phenomenon of SSA and bisexuality and pastoral implications? It even mentions studies from NZ. I've listened to it twice and looked at the ppt andi think it should have the widest circulation among concerned Christians - it says so many things so well.

Al M.

Peter Carrell said...

I saw the link, Al, but haven't pursued it ... there is not time for everything.

Cloud said...

Kia ora, just want to say thank you for the great posts on this blog. New Zealand Anglican blogs seem very rare so thanks for posting a NZ viewpoint on many issues.

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks, Cloud!