Thursday, November 11, 2010

One will be converted, the other will be cheesed off

OK, the title is not exactly what Jesus said. But 'one will be converted' refers to John Richardson at The Ugley Vicar who has woken up to the fact that if Thinking Anglicans thinks there should be no Covenant, then perhaps there should be a Covenant! And 'the other will be cheesed off' refers to Mark Harris at Preludium ruminating about the ABC having a meeting with some primates ahead of the Big Show (or No Show?) in January, 2011. I would like to assure Mark that the Archbishop of Canterbury will be trying to do the one thing many Anglicans seem intent on not doing these days: hold the Communion together. I am afraid that insisting that ++Jefferts Schori goes to the Primates Meeting has a low chance of holding the Communion together. She does not have to be disinvited. There is another way which involves making a choice not to go ...

Can the ABC hold the Communion together? Will the PB stay away from the Primates Meeting? Will thousands of progressive Anglicans be troubled if the Communion suffers its final fracture in January, 2011? I think the answer is the same to all three questions, and it consists of two letters and not three. But I trust the ABC to do his best to answer the first question affirmatively.

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