Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome Kiwi Anglican Voice

There are few Kiwi Anglicans blogging, less blogging regularly, and even less blogging regularly with Anglicanism and/or the Anglican Communion as the main focus of their posts. In fact, it could be that the last class consists of two members only! One is moi, the other is Fr Ron Smith, a Christchurch priest who has just begun posting at Kiwianglo's Blog - Anglo-Catholic Liberality . This, by the way, leaves plenty of room on the 'spectrum' for others to join in!

I look forward to reading Fr Ron's blog - a link is on the sidebar of ADU so you can get to it easily.


Unknown said...

Hi Peter
Have you seen The kiwifruit blog ( yet. There are some kiwi Anglican voices on that blog. Althought it does not relate to the Anglican Communion.
Steve McNabb

Peter Carrell said...

Thanks Steve
I shall link to the blog, but not under 'Anglican tracks'!