Saturday, August 3, 2013

A dream comes true

At short notice, on a day when many people worked very hard to get the transitional cathedral ready for handing over the keys, from builder to new owner, an email said "4.30 pm" would be the time for the ceremony and brief prayers. Unfortunately I had a meeting then, but courtesy of an ADU correspondent I can bring you a few pics, and there is a Stuff article to read here. It has been a long road from the initial announcement in 2011 to yesterday. And there is still the question of how it is all to be paid for. But today we can celebrate the dream become reality. The interior looks great and I am looking forward to seeing it for myself. Here are the snaps:


Zane Elliott said...

So good to see a moveable table for celebrating the Lord's Supper! Very Anglican =)

Father Ron Smith said...

Yes, Zane - all ready to be replaced by a pulpit when it becomes a parish church? (only joking!)