Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I like it

Our new cathedral (the world's newest cathedral) is up and running. It has had two Sundays of services, some concerts, doors open for the general public to visit, and an opening service this Thursday evening. A warm, appreciative article in our local paper, with great pics is here.

I have had a chance to visit twice and tomorrow will be back there for a city church leaders' breakfast, at which Bishop Victoria will speak.

I like what I experience in the cathedral. The natural light pouring into it, between the cardboard tubes is lovely, assisting a sense of warmth and welcome into God's presence. The tapering effect, from the width of the entrance at the north end to a slightly narrower south end, along with the soaring height achieved by the triangular roof means one is drawn to look to the cross which hangs above the stage where table and cathedra sit.

The entrance to the cathedral is impressive and a model for many new churches to consider. Instead of the classic entrance through comparatively narrow doors, perhaps situated at the foot of a tower, our cathedral offers a glass-walled end of the cathedral, with large doors into a wide foyer(see first picture below). There is no question as one walks towards the entrance that one is welcome!

The cathedral is intended to have a limited life as a cathedral. Once the permanent cathedral is built in the Square, the transitional cathedral will become a parish church for St John's Latimer Square. I think I can safely say the following as by that time I will be of retirement age, but I would love to be the vicar of a parish with such an impressive church!

PS. For a left-wing view of the cathedral, read what The Guardian has to say.


Kurt said...

It needs some statues and icons to jazz it up!

Kurt Hill
Brooklyn, NY

Peter Carrell said...

It has the virtue, Kurt, of the beauty of simplicity and unjazziness, the light of God via the sun giving it a great 'feel'.

More a Cistercian chapel than a Baroque church!

Father Ron Smith said...

Visiting the building this morning, for the first time, in bright sunlight; I was struck by the sheer cleanliness and austere beauty of the interior. Looking forward to the special dedication service tomorrow!