Thursday, August 8, 2013

If it believes, tax it?

What do you think? Is 'religion' a charity or a tax-raising opportunity?


Unknown said...

I can't really comment on the NZ situation, but I often hear similar calls here in the US. In principle I don't object to the Church paying taxes, but on what would the tax be levied? We don't have profits and nearly half of my church's "income" is spent on my stipend which is taxed. We could be assessed a property tax to cover services like fire and police protection, which I would not object to. I would see the possibility of a significant abandonment of historical churches in that case though. I do know at in myth small city, all of the center city churches have financial issues and I don't see how abandoning several significant and historic structures would serve the city.
Jon White

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

If we leave it to the atheists to define the nature of charity, we will all be in a bad way. They haven't had a good track record so far, historically speaking!

It would be rather like asking the Sensible Sentencing Trust to review the penal system!


Peter Carrell said...

Great comments, Malcolm and Jon!

hogsters said...

along with the above, one might like to work out how much it might cost the general tax payer if the volunteer hours that were given were costed out.


Peter Carrell said...

True, Hogster, but the tax-master might distinguish between the volunteer hours given in charitable work (of the serving other people kind) and religious work (say, of the fostering belief and Christian devotion kind).