Friday, August 2, 2013

Framing the question well, the maths might still be skewed

As a follow up to my Sydney election post below, you might be interested in two documents John Dickson (Twitter: @johnpauldickson) points to, concerning claims and counter-claims about what percentage 'of the diocese' is supporting Rick Smith as the sand runs through the hourglass to the election. A glossy brochure here makes certain numerical claims about Rick's support and a document here makes certain claims about the glossiness of the numbers.

By about this time next week, it will all be done and dusted in the one poll which counts.

And as a follow up to the above initial posting, you might be interested in this in the SMH.


Doug said...

Whatever happened to "if I will boast, I will boast in the Lord" - or isn't that part of the definition of being biblical in Sydney?

Andrew Reid said...

Time to pray now rather than be narky. We've all had a crack at the pros and cons of Sydney's process, including me. It's now time to pray for the Archbishop of God's choosing. Phillip Jensen gives a great list of what to pray for here:
To use the opposite of a Pauline expression, if tne nations are like a drop in a bucket (Is 40:15), how much less Sydney's synod!

Peter Carrell said...

Yes, Andrew. Time to pray.
Sydney's election is not as important as the one now set for 7 September and that is not as important as a resolution in Egypt ...

But the top prayer we need to pray now is for the Australian cricketers: neither complacent nor over triumphant may they be!

Andrew Reid said...

Here's another document to surface, refuting Phillip Jensen's claims about Glenn Davies "covenantal" theology, and claims in the Australian Church Record that he was a supporter of the New Perspective on Paul.