Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busy as

There won't be much to say here for a few days as there is much to do and say elsewhere. The Tough Questions Today: Exploring Theology of Marriage conference starts tomorrow night at 7.30 pm and continues all day Saturday. I have hosting duties for one speaker who is also preaching at the cathedral on Sunday morning (which is cool as I will attend my first Sunday services there).

Speaking of the cathedral, we had a wonderful city-wide church leaders' prayer breakfast inside the cathedral yesterday. The versatility of the cathedral for such an event is excellent. Not only could we eat, pray and listen in the nave and then pack down tables and reset chairs, but the plain south wall (save for cross hanging on it) provided an excellent screen for projection of images and video.

Tonight is the opening dedication eucharist at 7 pm for the new cathedral. Some 500 - 700 people are expected.

But before then is the matter of revising my talk for the conference and 101 other things. Hopefully back here Monday ...

PS Good news for cricket fans in Christchurch, here.

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