Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fruitful Wednesday

I think our day at the Hermeneutical Hui has gone well. Yesterday we engaged with Genesis 19. Today with Leviticus 18 and Romans 1. I know some readers here may be keen to get some sense of 'where the Hui is going' and/or 'what conclusion is emerging'. To each such query I simply say, we are on a journey, and the journey is likely to have an end in some kind of statement at the conclusion of the next hui. There is no intention to discuss, agree and then publish a statement at the conclusion of this hui.

What kinds of things are being talked about? Well, I am in just one of the twelve small groups, so I do not know all that is being talked about, but the sense I get from conversations with one or two, combined with my own (brilliant) group experience, is that we are canvassing the range of interpretive issues that come up in discussions such as one finds in the larger commentaries.

I think it would be appropriate to report that we are talking together. Those last two words can be read as talking together and as talking together.

So, in one way I have told you little, deliberately, out of respect for the character of the hui, but in another way I have reported something significant about our life together in ACANZP, as represented in the group of 90 or so present!

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