Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where does pure Anglicanism exist?

Possibly nowhere! Tha mi a' creidsinn draws attention to the possibility that the number of Anglican ministers refusing to baptise infants may be growing In A Diocese Not Far Away Across The Tasman. In that Diocese one can find writers and pundits who make much of the Thirty-Nine Articles as a definitive kind to pure Anglicanism. Certainly the 39A are useful as a guide to discerning certain forms of Anglicanism that seem to have strayed far from Anglican roots, the centre ground etc. But the 39A are only definitive for pure Anglicanism if wholly followed.

Now let me see. That must mean pure Anglicanism is pretty hard to attain!! On either side of the Tasman and at either end of the Pacific Ocean ...


Rev.Z said...

Hard to attain indeed.... maybe we should spend more time reading ++ Cranmer's intentions and prefaces to the BCP!

un-repentant Cranmerite. (Maybe I could start a whole new branch of Anglicanism under this heading.....)

Peter Carrell said...

It already exists, Zane, and you are a part of it with me.