Friday, June 25, 2010

Where Australia goes, we go too ... sort of

Australia went to the World Cup, so we did too. Australia went out of the World Cup, so we did too. On a slightly interesting note, we lost no games, but won none either!

Oh, but Australia arrested their Prime Minister in a midnight raid and executed him before dawn. I do not think we will be doing that to our Dear Leader!

"The ruthless execution hasn't gone down well with the community, who essentially liked Rudd"

Meantime the Australian Anglican church does not appearing to being going where we are going with ++Schori's visit, the cone of silence there remaining firmly in place. And no journalists spare to shift their attention away from Canberra!

PS For literalists reading this, no guns or knives were used in the 'execution', nor was Rudd actually thrown onto a barbecue :)


Anonymous said...

From Old South Wales to New South Wales.
A Pommie leading Oz ... oh vey.

Al Mynors

Janice said...

Actually, she went to South Oz, then to Vic and then to the ACT. And with that accent she hardly classifies as a Pom.

Heard an ƏnZədder remark that she would be, "Australia's Helen Clark". ... Dear me.

Anonymous said...

Paston had a good run.
And I'm glad I've stumbled across your blog.

Anonymous said...

A Welsh woman running Oz and an American running NSW. Both Labor party.

Tim Harris said...

From the ENS press release on this it appears public aspects to her Australian visit is limited to one parish visit - Christ Church St. Lucia in the Diocese of Brisbane - and even that not listed on the parish's website. It is the sort of itinerary you get if you offer yourself to the Diocese and they didn't want to offer the Cathedral as a venue, so flick it on to one of the flagship liberal parishes where she will be warmly welcomed. All things considered, even more low key than in NZ.

spicksandspecks said...

The Anglican Church League (Sydney evangelical powerhouse) has been quick off the mark to protest the visit to Brisbane.

If you visit the web site of the parish she's visiting, their "Theologs group" are studying Dawkins, Spong, and Moltmann - guess that makes them a good host parish for KJS.

Is she really coming all this way to visit a couple of places in NZ and 1 local parish in Australia??

Andrew Reid