Friday, June 11, 2010


A distinguished visitor is coming to our land. A full press release is (I believe) forthcoming. Here is one notice already on the web.

PS Added Saturday: this low key indication that there is some notice already on the web is low key for various reasons, mainly not to steal the thunder of our Anglican media persons. My further information about that announcement suggests it could be a day or two away.


spicksandspecks said...

Make sure you keep her on your side of the ditch, brother!!
Andrew Reid

Peter Carrell said...

Brother Andrew,
We are told that the primary purpose of the visit is to Australia; NZ being a touch down point en route ... only I cannot see any site sign of this re official ACA comms!

spicksandspecks said...

I can't find anything either, but my guess would be Perth, Brisbane and/or Newcastle, which are the dioceses closest to her heart. Maybe Melbourne too, God help us. If she comes within 100 miles of Sydney, it will be torches and pitchforks :)