Friday, June 18, 2010

Not so odd?

The gift that keeps on giving could be the conclusion all bloggers, and Anglican media reporters could agree on concerning what is being called 'mitregate.' It seems clear that Presiding Bishop Schori was asked not to wear her mitre when presiding at eucharist in Southwark Cathedral recently; that she was asked to supply proof of ordinations to each of her orders (H/T K Topfer, Stand Firm); and (though strictly speaking a separate 'lettergate') was asked to step down from the Standing Committee of the Communion.

But also becoming clear is that the C of E and whichever of its hierarchy or bureaucracy requested her to restrain from wearing the mitre and to fill in pieces of paper was simply following canonical order with the same perspicuity which the Presiding Bishop herself has shown in respect of TEC canons when deposing bishops. In fact, arguably, as Anglican Curmudgeon points out, the C of E may have been following its own canons with more attention to the letter of the law than the PB herself has shown to TEC's own canons.

Nevertheless it still remains odd to me that even a dim bureaucrat would apply the letter of the law re applying for a licence to preach for one of the three or four most famous Anglicans in the Communion. Do ++Desmond Tutu and ++Peter Jensen fill in such paperwork each time they flit in and out of England to preach?

Still, this is a time for some largeness of spirit and greatness of heart, and we need to see our Communion leaders rise above the petty level of these matters. Understanding each other's canon laws may be a step to understanding each other's doctrinal and Communion polity concerns!


Anonymous said...

Err ... is not the other Down Under island to your west, not your east? I think so, as I live there.

I'm enjoying reading your blog, thanks.

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Brian,
Whoops - good point - not east unless putting considerable distance between us. Now corrected. Thanks for encouraging comment :)