Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update Programme for Christchurch Visit

27th June, 3pm, Powhiri at Te Hui Amorangi O Te Waipounamu, 290 Ferry Road. Those attending are asked to gather outside the marae by 2.45pm.
7pm Evensong at St Michael and All Angels (corner of Durham St and Oxford Terrace). Bishop Jefferts Schori will preach.
28th June, 2-3.30pm “In conversation with Bishop Katharine” - an informal gathering at the Bishop’s centre, Te Hui Amorangi O Te Waipounamu, 290 Ferry Road.
5.30pm for 6pm “Conversation and Language – violent and otherwise” Canterbury Women’s House, 190 Worcester Street (between Latimer Square and Barbadoes Street) Women and men are welcome to this event. Donation of $10. Please bring a plate of finger food for a shared tea for after the talk.
29th June, 5.30pm for 6pm C1 Lecture Theatre, University of Canterbury, ( near James Hight Library between Clyde and Ilam Roads), The address is titled: “Science and Religion – your context or mine?” Donation of $5

Sourced from here. H/T Alison a commenter here re a change.


Anonymous said...

I had heard that years ago St Michael's and All Angels was an Anglo-Catholic congregation. If they are hosting Schori, that is a sign the Anglo-Catholic movement in ACANZP must be pretty near dead - not just because she is a woman bishop in the Anglican world but because in many other ways her theology is quite heterodox.
How di St Michael's and all Angels end up in the liberal camp?
Al mynors

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Al,
I do not think your second half of your second sentence follows from the first half.
It is for St Michael's and All Angel's church to describe themselves!

Anonymous said...

"It is for St Michael's and All Angel's church to describe themselves!"

Well, yes - as Humpty Dumpty said, "When I use a word, it means exactly what I want it to mean..."
I am not sure which "second half" of my sentence you are refering to, but the evidence of Schori's heterodoxy (not to mention theoological thinness) is pretty abundant. It is a sad commentary that we should be pleased that an Anglican bishop can turn out a basically orthodox sermon from time to time. It would be like congratualting the police or army for frequently doing their job.
Anglo-Catholicism isn't defined by haberdashery or even an over-fondness for incense. It understands itself as the spiritual continuation of Western Catholicism, but ruled by Canterbury, not Rome. It has never championed WO or SSU's. These are modern Protestant innovations.
Al Mynors