Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That interesting Dean of Southwark Cathedral

... might lead his Cathedral and Chapter out of the Anglican Communion?

John Richardson offers analysis of the evening sermon the day Presiding Bishop Schori preached at Southwark Cathedral:

"This, however, brings us to the most significant statement of all, for having acknowledged that threats of separation may turn into reality, and having indicated that this might be not only necessary but helpful, the Dean states quite clearly his own conviction:
I believe the Chapter and congregation of this church will walk the same path as the Episcopal Church of America, the links are deep in our history, especially here.
Thus, according to the Dean, the Chapter and congregation of Southwark Cathedral are ready, when the time comes, to separate from others in the Anglican Communion, and to do so in line with TEC."

What an interesting approach to Anglican life this Dean has. Some Kiwis know Colin Slee well. So it is of interest, even Down Under, what his thinking is on such matters.


Anonymous said...

I see that people on Titusonenine say that England's Colin Slee has tried first to become Bishop of Christchurch and then of Auckland.
What is his attraction to Down Under? Does he think colonials are easy pickings?
He's 65 and has been ordained for 40 years. Is this his last crack at power? Does he fear an evangelical takeover in London?

Al Mynors



Peter Carrell said...

To Anonymous who sent a very interesting comment re Slee's unpopularity in London ... I need your name to publish as I have stopped publishing anonymous comments (with the modest exception of one or two witty comments on "off topic" matters).

Peter Carrell said...

Hi Aggie,
I appreciate the PS you have sent to me, but I need to be careful about publishing such material - I am sure it is true, but I do not want this blog to be accused (more than it might already be) of descending to the level of tittle-tattle.