Saturday, May 29, 2010

Change to Comments Policy

Dear Readers,

I appreciate the responses I get to this blog, both 'off blog', and by way of comments.

Until now I have persisted with permitting anonymous comments.

But recently an anonymous commenter has been pressing to have comments printed which I believe could be libellous (against another person, not myself).

Thank you anonymous for queering the pitch for the other anonymice.

No more anonymous comments folks and no more nicknames.

I will accept comments from a 'first name' only, provided they meet my criteria for good comments.

Certain kinds of comments require a first name and a surname. Have the courage of your convictions and name yourselves, please, if you want to make robust comments involving named or unnamed leaders of churches.

Best wishes to you all,

PS For the record, I myself always comment elsewhere on the internet as "Peter Carrell".

1 comment:

Howard Pilgrim said...

Good decision, Peter, for all sorts of reasons.