Monday, May 10, 2010

Especially for American and British readers [Off topic]

Yes! New Zealand gets a mention in this humourous jibe re the UK elections. Barack Obama may even have heard of us!!!

"1) Boris Johnson: Noted opponent of proportional representation and Lib-Dem skeptic who aspires to succeed David Cameron as Conservative leader. Rarely quiet for long.

2) Tory MPs and Peers: Stunned, most of them are at home watching the news channels on television with their mouths open.

3) Ed Balls and David Miliband: Both readying their Labour leadership campaigns.

4) Barack Obama: The British election may be of minor significance to a U.S. president who puts Britain roughly on a global par with New Zealand, but even he must be wondering who he should ring with his congratulations.

5) David Dimbleby: After 16 hours on screen on election night, the 71-year-old veteran presenter is asleep and expected to wake sometime Thursday."

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