Sunday, May 16, 2010

What is required of church leaders?

Our Prime Minister, John Key, a self-professed non-believer, offers a good definition of what we need in church leaders these days: "to articulate a vision for where the [church] is heading, why we want to get there, and how".

These words come in a longer answer to one of fifty questions put to him and published today:

"47. Selwyn Pellett, businessman: In business a CEO is hired who knows his craft, understands his chosen market and knows how to extract value from it in the interests of all his shareholders. The corporate goals are almost always achieved with a clear inspiring vision that all stakeholders buy into it. If this is the prescribed business wisdom for success (strong, strategic and inspiring leadership) and you are the head of our business party, do you think that New Zealanders should also demand this of our prime minister?

Running a business is one thing, running a country is another. There are obviously some similarities but it is the job of a prime minister to articulate a vision for where the country is heading, why we want to get there, and how. Voters demand that of political leaders, and that is what I am focusing on."

This is my favourite question and answer:

"40. Valerie Vili, sportswoman: Can I be your bodyguard for a day in exchange for teaching you how to throw the shot put?

Val, I would love it if you were my bodyguard but I reckon my usual guys would worry you'd show them up. I'd be happy to take a shot-putting lesson any time but I don't think I've got quite the throwing arm you have."

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