Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Row brewing nicely

I quite like a good row - a brouhaha, a storm in a teacup, or just a perfect organisational storm. Especially when it is in the legal detail of things, and not taxing re theological issues, personalities and the like.

Just such a row is brewing nicely in the Communion. OK, a little more accurately, brewing in the Anglican blogosphere. But the debaters are heavy-hitters. It concerns a vacant seat on the Anglican Communion "Standing Committee". I have put the name of the committee in scare marks because even the existence and/or name of this particular committee, along with its role and imputed power is part of the storm.

A sequence of posts goes like this:

Serve: ACI

Return: Preludium

Volley: ACI

Return: see Preludium above, because that post includes a revision.

Confused? If not, please write now to ++Rowan (aka "the umpire") with the resolution!

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Anonymous said...

2Confused? If not, please write now to ++Rowan (aka "the umpire") with the resolution!"

You cannot be serious, man.