Sunday, May 16, 2010

Silence does not always mean consent

It might mean that words are a waste of time. It might mean that the potential speakers have left the building for another event. It might mean that people are too busy working on greater priorities. It might mean just about anything other than 'consent'.

Thus I just do not buy the emerging line I am reading on the internet that the quietness being observed over the consecration of a partnered lesbian to the TEC episcopal bench is a sign that the Communion is now accepting of the previously unacceptable, or that the "liberals" have "won".

I think it means that the cracks in the Communion are cracks in the Communion and no (potential) protester thinks that talking across the cracks is going to undo them any time soon.

It's not as though any pulpit or altar currently denied to +Gene these last seven years is going to be opened to +Mary.

Nor that the seepage of conservatives away from TEC is going to be reversed.


Anonymous said...

A silent moment of humility might be in order.

Let’s compare your most recent consecration with TEC’s:

There are far more Anglicans in the Auckland Diocese than in the Diocese of Los Angeles. So, compare attendance at the recent consecrations (hint: about 3:1). Compare the number of congregations, schools, other institutions: LA: 147; 44; 20. Auckland: ??? Compare mission and ministry amongst the various cultures present in LA and represented at the consecration (hint: see your own recent blog posts). Compare the quality and rigor of clergy training (hint: see your own recent blog posts). Compare giving. Compare the age distribution in congregations.

Which diocese has had the greatest “seepage” recently (hint: the Evangelical diocese of Nelson).

Just at this moment – silence may actually be best.

לא אף אחד

Peter Carrell said...

Interesting points, Hebrew Anonymous!

I had not been aware that events or non-events in the Auckland Diocese had contributed to 'cracks in the Communion'. Nor that seepage in numbers in the Nelson Diocese had been to other Anglican church networks.

I must have missed something!

Anonymous said...

Interesting points, Peter!

I had missed the part of your post where the seepage in numbers had to be to other churches – that part of your post must have had the font color set to the same color as your background color. Where does your seepage go?

As to cracks in your communion in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand – I think your General Synod meeting has allowed a few of those to show this week. You Anglicans down under keep your cracks well hidden.

But they are actually better known than you might think.

לא אף אחד

Peter Carrell said...

Perhaps, Hebrew Anonymous, it might be helpful if I return to my starting point in the post. My observation, re some internet reading I had been doing, is that lack of protest re +Mary Glasspool's consecration was being misinterpreted. The background and context for such a post is my continuing interest in the life of the Communion as a whole.

I also have an interest in the life of my own church. It has plenty of cracks and plenty of shortcomings. But discussing them is not actually my purpose here. Not least because, so far, I have not observed any great interest from the Communion in those shortcomings and cracks because they may be about to affect the life of the whole Communion.

In sum: if you want to focus on ACANZP's shortcomings, about which you clearly know quite a bit, why not start your own blog to that end?

Anonymous said...

There are c. 18 million people in the greater LA area, incl. great numbers of gays and lesbians (e.g. most of West Hollywood) so if 3000 people from Southern California (not to mention folk from far afield) show up in a 17,000 seater stadium for the "consecration" of Mary Glasspool, I wouldn't make too much of that. RW's silence is the real issue. His looking-both-ways non-strategy has failed and he has lost any following in Africa outside some liberal circles in RSA.
ACNA will continue to grow and Tec will continue to implode, but has enough money still to die gracefully. the essential thing for orthodox elements in ACANZP is not to catch the Tec disease.