Saturday, May 8, 2010

General Synod (Saturday)

I write this with no idea at all what is happening in detail today. Let me make something up ...

No! What we can say is that at this point in proceedings, each of the three tikanga will be in their separate caucuses. The pakeha caucus is called the Inter Diocesan Conference. In that conference the dioceses will consider various matters. Some of them will be GS matters so that when discussed in the Synod itself, Tikanga Pakeha can speak with one mind on the matter. Ditto Tikanga Maori and Tikanga Pasefika. (There are some matters in GS on which it is appropriate for individual members to speak their minds, and other matters on which it is better if a 'tikanga' view is presented. Please don't ask me in a comment which might be which ... (a) I do not know enough about the details of business this time round, (b) the discussions in the tikanga caucuses themselves will give guidance as to which matter is which).

Other matters being discussed in the tikanga caucuses will relate to that tikanga only. It is not being entirely cynical to say that we may never know what those matters are ... there are no processes I know of for tikanga-only communication of news and views from the caucuses. Naturally if anyone reading this has caucus news to share ... tell me!

On one set of matters, liturgical, Bosco Peters has an erudite post here.

JUST SPOTTED: Bishop Kelvin Wright has blogged from Gisborne ...

"So far it has been fine. There are lots of old friends and many newly met people to catch up with. We had a welcome onto one of the local maraes, speeches and a number of good meals. We have listened to each of the dioceses present themselves to the others and discussed common concerns. Issues such as pay rates for youth workers have been dealt with swiftly and sensibly. Perhaps it won't be so difficult to stay awake after all. Brian Thomas has asked me to write a sort of daily log for Taonga magazine, so I'll keep you posted."

His whole post is here.

Initial Taonga reports are here and here.

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