Monday, May 31, 2010

Less than helpful

This report, from the Weekend Observer (Nigeria), is less than helpful:

"THE Primate, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, on Thursday called on Nigeria to quit the UN, over the latter’s support for homosexuality.

Okoh said that it was regrettable that the UN was currently using human rights bodies and non-governmental organisations to ensure the entrenchment of homosexuality globally.

The cleric made the call in Lagos at a reception held for him by the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos." (from here; H/T Thinking Anglicans)

Less than helpful to Archbishop Rowan Williams' leadership of the Communion, less than helpful to those Anglicans arguing for working together on the hermeneutics of human sexuality in respect of Holy Scripture while upholding human dignity and basic human rights.

When all the 'usual stuff' is said, about Anglican leaders in Nigeria playing to the gallery of political considerations where even the most conservative statements may have a pragmatic purpose in stemming the tide of even more extreme Islamic conservatism, this nevertheless seems to be less than helpful.

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